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SHR - IPL & Laser - Permanent Hair Reduction

SHR/Laser is the most advanced, quickest and safest method of permanently reducing unwanted hair. Bottoms (Note: Pilonidal Cyst sufferers) Genitals, Backs, Stomachs, Chests, Faces, Necks, Heads, Nostrils and Ears. As good as pain free and so very effective. We are extremely thorough in our techniques and neatly groomed permanent styles, gaining a 80% - 95% reduction of Hair for our clients. We continually update our machines so you get the very best results with the coldest and fastest machines available. Having said that, a machine is only as good as the skills of the operator. Anyone can sit in a Ferrari, but to drive it well, it takes skill and experience. We remove up to 25% of unwanted hair during your first Hair Removal Treatment. Often by around the sixth treatment you will look almost hair free however it's important to finish the full course for optimum results. This may be 8-10 sessions followed by yearly maintainance of 1-4 sessions per year, age/genetic dependant. All hair and skin colours, from blonde to black hair and light to black skin types can be treated. Book your consultation online in preparation of removing your embarrassing or unwanted hair for good.


Unlike Shaving and Hair Removal Creams, Waxing removes hair from the root allowing you to be hair free for up to four weeks at a time. With Waxing, hair grows back soft with a tapered edge rather than a blunt prickly finish that shaving gives. With Monthly Waxing you will see your hair growth getting thinner as its starts to diminish. It is totally natural to feel apprehensive and anxious. We are here to help, giving you advice and treatment outcomes in our comfortable and welcoming environment. Be mindful that the thought is worse than the event. If this wasn't the case there would be no MrWax Grooming as no one would have returned. And if you think you're he hairiest man, you are not, so please relax. When it comes to body hair growth, with waxing, we only specialise in torso and genital hair removal with Tricia and Gwenn being our only Waxing Technicians.

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Why we're here, who we are & what we do:

Tricia dropped the “Unisex,” continuing Male Waxing Specialist Perth as a Sole Operator in 2012 before opening the family business, MrWax Grooming in 2014. This came a year after creating, then launching the first in the world of its kind, the MRWAX GROOMING DIY MENS WAXING KIT. The same products that we use in our clinic every day. Wax that is tough on strong hairs, yet gentle on skin with pre and post skin treatments plus a link to a Personal Waxing Lesson by Tricia.

Why did Tricia manufacture this kit? because many Men had no where to go. They were being told “Sorry, we don’t do Men,” or “Sorry we only do Women.” One Sports Teacher informed me that Teenage Students were already feeling self conscious by year 9 in the changerooms if they had a Hairy Back. Being a mother of adult sons myself, it bothered me hearing how much men were being rejected. Men didnt choose to have an abundance of hair on their backs or bottoms. Self esteems were affected and personal lives were impacted.

I had the DIY kit for teenagers/time poor men etc covered, but what about the men who rather not wax at home? they needed somewhere to go. Rejection, skin tears, blisters, broken and or ingrown hairs from some who attempted to give it a go, but didn’t necessarily have the skills or confidence.  We heard stories of only half areas being completed, as Beauticians ran out of time to complete treatments, because they werent use to waxing mens tougher, denser hair. I needed to open a Men’s Clinic. A place where Men weren’t judged, but understood and helped with removing unwanted or embarrassing hair, by professional and caring people.

As from 2017 MrWax Grooming commenced Permanent Hair Reduction and Skin Improvement Services.

Tricia has dedicated the past three years, to further advance her Beauty Career of 30 years, by studying Cosmetic Dermatology. Having accomplished her Postgraduate Degree, is continuing with a Masters, fulfilling her passion for knowledge, ongoing education and professional development.

Grace, in pursuing her professional growth in Health Sciences, has successfully completed her Degree of Health Science in Dermal Therapies. She is currently studying and researching further, becoming a Medical Needling Master. These advanced studies reflect Graces attitude of mastering her craft by refining her skills and expertise, giving therapeutic care to our clients.
Tricia and Grace are writing Clinical Papers for trials that began in 2021.

Our invaluable team, work seamlessly together, we believe, due to our shared values which include loyalty, transparency, kindness, fun Fridays, being respectful, considerate and helpful to eachother. And we all agree on ensureing the highest standard of care is given to every client.

Over the past two years our full-time, team members, Gwenn and Beckie have displayed exceptional enthusiasm for the Health Sciences, Mens Mental well-being, and boosting Men’s Confidence, in offering Grooming and Skin Improving suggestions wherever we can help. Both Beckie and Gwenn have had on the job, practical and theoretical training whilst working with us, they have completed certificates in Physiology & Anatomy, Laser and IPL, Electrolysis, Medical Needling and Grooming Services. They are both continuing their academic and practical learning journeys whilst taking time inbetween, to excel with their treatments, pushing boundaries for exeptional results and client treatment outcomes.

We are all delighted to be offering additional, Confidence Building therapies. Improving self confidence can often improve one’s quality of life. Good skin and whiter teeth will improve anyones smile. However, sometimes it may be a case of, there’s nothing wrong medically, but aesthetically speaking, you may not like the look of something, its appearance may effect your personal confidence when socialising. Or maybe you have skintags that you don’t mind the look of, but are irritating.

Repairs and Improvements for:
Rosacea, Red Faces, Acne, Skin Tags, Warts, Fibromas, Senile Warts, Nose/Chin/Cheek Veins, Angiomas/Blood spots, Jaw Sculpting, Permanent Beard Shaping, Brow Lifts, Neck Lifts, Chaffing issues, Excessive Sweating concerns, Stained/Ageing Teeth, Age Spots, Grey/White Eyebrows, Crepey Necks front and back, Scar Improvements from Cuts, Burns, Acne, Surgery or Trauma. Double Chins, Seborrheic Keratosis, Scalp Granulomas, Scrotum Angiokeratomas, Crows Feet, Uneven Skin Surfaces, Vasectomy Scarring, Bacne, Permanent Monobrow Reduction, Uneven Skin Color, Abdominal and Flank Fat Reduction, Pilonidal Cysts, Male Pattern Baldness and Thinning Hair. Our Clinical trials using Stem Cell Hair Rejuvenation will soon be published and proudly, we will post our before and after photos.

Our goal is to help and improve the confidence for as many Perth Men as possible. It can begin for you by booking a Consultation from the Online Booking tab on this page.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we hope you are inspired and that we may look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Make it a great day,
Tricia, Grace, Gwenn & Beckie



I was trained by French Waxing Specialist, Giselle Lizzie at a private Waxing School in 1989. The methodical waxing reputation we have at MrWax Grooming is due to our specialised techniques, forever training and a lot of practice. Waxing cannot be taken lightly, a lot of skin damage can occur if it's not done correctly. I have never been able to employ a therapist who was a confident male waxer, (which is nothing like waxing women, certainly not male genitals). Simply put, the training has never been done in our Perth Beauty Colleges. I hire professional staff with caring personas and great attitudes, then train with them until they are completely confident. Once well confident with backs, chest, arms and legs, staff are then taken through genital training, this can be anything up to four months.


Grace being our Salon Operations Manager has been with us since our doors opened. Grace will most likely be your first point of contact when calling MrWax Grooming. On top of her day to day running of our practice, Grace is trained in Waxing and SHR/Laser, therefore being able to answer any of your enquiries.

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