Waxing & SHR/Laser for the well groomed man

Male hair removal services

SHR/Laser-Permanent hair removal

SHR/Laser is the most advanced, quickest and safest method of permanently reducing unwanted hair. Any area including bottoms, genitals, backs, stomachs, chests, necks, nostrils and ears. It is pain free and very efficient removing 85% - 95% of hair in most cases. The latest technology is much faster than previous, older generations of IPL. We can remove up to 25% of unwanted hair from your first treatment. All hair and skin colours, from blonde to dark hair and light to dark brown skin types can be treated. Book your consultation online or phone us at MrWax Grooming in preparation of removing your embarrassing or unwanted hair for good.


Unlike shaving and hair removal creams, waxing removes hair from the root allowing you to be hair free for up to four weeks at a time.

With waxing, hair grows back soft with a tapered edge rather than a blunt prickly one that shaving gives.

With continual and regular waxing you will see your hair growth getting thinner as its starts to diminish.

It is totally natural to feel apprehensive and perhaps anxious. We are here to help you and to give you the very best treatment and advice in the most comfortable way possible. Be mindful that the thought is so much worse than the actual event. There is nothing we haven't seen before, you'll be in the best of hands at MrWax Grooming. "We've got your back".

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About Us

Why we're here

I opened MrWax Grooming knowing there was a real need for men to be able to come to a private and non-judgemental place of their own.  A place where men were respected, understood and helped out with removing unwanted and often embarrassing hair in places that they didn’t want it.

I absolutely love what I do and have a great passion for offering suggestions and helping men feel good about themselves. I am extremely selective with whom I employ. Therapists who work at MrWax Grooming have been selected for their caring natures. Training is all done by myself for each and every employee who uses a  clinical approach and has a nurse like mentality.

We give you the total grooming experience, hair is blended and faded out to give you a very natural finish, no one should know that you have had hair removed besides you and your therapist.

With all therapists being put through my personalised training, no matter who looks after you at MrWax Grooming, you will experience the same treatment each and every time. This is my promise to you, Tricia


I was trained by French Waxing Specialist, Giselle Lizzie in 1989 at a private Waxing School in Leederville. Great waxing is about skill, techniques, and a LOT of practice. Waxing should not be taken lightly, a lot of skin damage can occur when not done correctly. I have never been able to employ a therapist who was a confident male waxer, (which I state, is nothing like waxing women) certainly not male genitals. Simply put, the training has never been done in our Perth Beauty Colleges. I hire professional staff with caring personas and great attitudes, then train with them until they are completely confident. Once well confident with backs, chest, arms and legs, staff are then taken through genital training, this can be anything up to four months.


Grace being our Salon Operations Manager has been with us since our doors opened. Grace will most likely be your first point of contact when calling MrWax Grooming. On top of her day to day running of our practice, Grace is trained in Waxing and SHR/Laser, therefore being able to answer any of your enquiries.

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