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SHR/IPL Laser Hair Removal

SHR/Laser is the most advanced method of removing unwanted hair from backs, chests, necks, nostrils and ears. It is pain free plus much faster than previous generations of regular IPL, permanently removing up to 25% of unwanted hair from your first treatment. We can now remove blonde to dark hair from light to dark brown skin types.

Please book online or phone our clinic to book a consultation in preparation of removing your embarrassing or unwanted hair forever.

Genitals and Buttocks

Genitals and Buttocks

Forget having to worry about shaving knicks or prickly hair growth ever again. Some men remove all hair, some leave hair around the penis, but all have the buttocks and rectal hair removed with either waxing or SHR/IPL Laser.

It is totally natural to feel apprehensive, possibly even anxious. Our well trained, experienced, senior technicians will help put you at ease and feel as comfortable as possible.

About us...Why are we here?

Tricia believed their needed to be a comfortable environment where men would feel welcomed plus have professional treatments done rather than being rejected by some sexist attitudes that were clearly in the beauty industry. Men telling her they were being turned away hearing, "Sorry, we don't do men in our salon." She says "Removing hair from a mans back and chest is nothing like removing hair from a females legs." She doesn't need to mention the difference in intimate waxing between the two sexes and believes it is crucial to have a well experienced operator to prevent burns, skin being ripped off and bacterial pimples that her and her staff regularly hear about. All staff are personally trained by Tricia in her "Male Waxing Specialist Perth," method of hair removal. SHR/IPL Laser operators are senior therapists with accredited training. Our clinical approach and caring personas will quickly put you at ease no matter how hairy you think you may be. These days using pain free SHR/Laser for many, we give you the total grooming experience, hair is blended and faded out to give you a very natural, permanent look.

Our team
Tricia and Grace
Tricia and Grace

Tricia was trained by French Waxing Specialist, Giselle Lizzie in 1989 at a private waxing school. She began training other salons in advanced waxing skills, then went on and completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 1994. Grace being the Salons Operation Manager will most likely be your first point of contact when calling MrWax Grooming. On top of her day to day running of the practice, Grace is trained in Waxing as well as IPL/SHR Laser, therefore being able to answer any of your enquiries.

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